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Tam Kah Pumpkin Soup


*Please Note: Picture is for illustration purpose only
(Packed in Box)

Main Ingredients: Pumpkin, Seasoning, etc.

Net Weight: 500G

Recommended Serving Size: 2-3 pax

Storage: Keep Frozen (-18 degree)

100% Pure Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives or Artificial Colouring

Suitable for Shark's Fin Soup,
Add on your preferred seafood, meat and vegetables

Cooking Method:

1. Defrost Pumpkin Soup 1 - 2 hours

2. Bring soup to boil

3. Add in Tam Kah Shark's Fin or any preferred ingredients, Boil for 3-5 minutes

4. Garnish according to individual preference

5. The delicious Pumpkin Soup is ready to served

*As broth has a very thick consistency.
It is advised to add one cup of water or any preferred amount to broth
depending on individual preference when bringing it to boil.

Please note that collection/delivery will be 2 Days later
For urgent order, Kindly contact us, subject to availability. Thank you!
请注意,取货/送货 将在 2 天后

36G) Tam Kah Pumpkin Soup 譚家金汤 500g