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Fish Maw is rich in collagen, proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium. Suitable for consumption by any age group or gender.


Benefits of Fish Maw:
- Replenishes Kidney and Boosts Stamina
- Improve and Maintain Skin Complexion
- Improving Weak Lungs
- Improving Joint Pain
- Invigorate Blood Circulation


花胶富含胶原蛋白、蛋白质和磷、钙等营养物质。 适合任何年龄段或性别的人群食用。

- 补肾强身
- 改善和保持肤色
- 改善虚弱的肺部
- 改善关节痛
- 促进血液循环


Mainly use in Soups, Simmered or Braised


Cooking Instructions:
1. Roasted Fish Maw is soaked in water for 30 minutes until it soften
2. Rinse fish maw and cut to desired size
3. You may add meat stuffing to your fish maw tube
4. It is ready to be cooked in soup/braised


1. 焗鱼鳔用水浸泡30分钟至软
2. 把鱼鳔洗净,切成所需大小
3. 鱼鳔筒里可以加肉馅
4. 可以加进上汤/焖


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22F) Roasted Fish Maw 焗鱼鳔 100G/PKT