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Frozen Cut Sea Cucumber 切件海参

(Difference in the sea cucumber is the thickness of it, hence the price difference.)
切件黑婆参 $65/500G
切件黑婆参 $45/500G
切件海参 $50/500G
切件海参 $40/500G
A中厚海参件 $35/500G
B中厚海参件 $30/500G
C中厚海参件 $25/500G
D中厚海参件 $20/500G


Benefit of Sea Cucumber: 
Cancer Prevention Potential, Easing Joint Pain, Anticoagulant Activity, Anti-Inflammatory Activity, 
Wound Healing, Improving Gum Disease, High Protein


100% Pure Natural Ingredients
Suitable for all types of uses
No Preservatives or Artificial Coloring
Recommended Serving Size: 3-4 pax
Storage: Keep Frozen (-18 degree)


Easy to Cook Series 好易煮系列:
Item is Frozen, Just thaw and Heat it up/Add to soup or other dishes.
It is ready to eat!

Frozen Cut Sea Cucumber 切件海参

S$20.00 Regular Price
S$18.00Sale Price