Cooking Method:

  1. Thaw Pen Cai and Abalone Sauce for 4-5 hours
  2. Boil the Abalone Sauce & Pour over thawed Pen Cai
  3. Heat up over small fire for 20 minutes or till content is hot 
  4. The delicious Pen Cai is ready to be served



  1. 将盆菜和鲍鱼汁解冻4-5小时
  2. 煮滚鲍汁并倒入盆菜
  3. 小火煮滚20分钟至滚热
  4. 美味盆菜即可食用

Superior Pen Cai / Prosperity Pen Cai 金奖鲍参翅肚盆菜 / 鲍鱼盆菜

Hot or Cold
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