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Marinated Shredded Jellyfish


*Please Note: Picture is for illustration purpose only
*请注意: 图片只供参考

Main Ingredients: Shredded Jelly Fish, Spicy Sesame Dressing

Net Weight: 500g

Recommended Serving Size : 3-4 pax

Storage: Keep Chilled (0-4 degree)

Preparation Method:

1. Defrost Shredded Jelly Fish and Dressing
2. Mix well with Dressing provided, or you may use your own recipe
3. Garnish according to individual preference
4. The delicious Marinated Shredded Jellyfish is ready to served

Please note that collection/delivery will be 2 Days later
For urgent order, Kindly contact us, subject to availability. Thank you!
请注意,取货/送货 将在 2 天后