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This lovely Ginseng Oolong tea has a sweet licorice flavor with a hint of ginseng. It brews a light, clear infusion and is mild tasting.  This oolong tealeaf was processed traditionally and made into a 'semi ball-rolled' shape. It went through the scenting process repeatedly using licorice for each round. It is given the name of 'Ginseng' Oolong because of the sweetness and smoothness and the aroma of ginseng, but it in fact has no ginseng in the tea making process.

Licorice is used for various digestive ailments including stomach ulcers, heartburn, colic, and ongoing inflammation of the lining of the stomach (chronic gastritis). Some people use licorice for sore throat, bronchitis, cough, and infections caused by bacteria or viruses. This Ginseng Oolong has a soothing and comforting aftertaste. ​

-💐-No preservative, 100% natural source-💐-

Ginseng Oolong Tea 人参乌龙茶