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*Please Note: Picture is for illustration purpose only
*请注意: 图片只供参考


Fish Maw is rich in collagen, proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium.
Suitable for consumption by any age group or gender.

Benefits of Fish Maw:
- Replenishes Kidney and Boosts Stamina
- Improve and Maintain Skin Complexion
- Improving Weak Lungs
- Improving Joint Pain
- Invigorate Blood Circulation



- 补肾强身
- 改善和保持肤色
- 改善虚弱的肺部
- 改善关节痛
- 促进血液循环


Mainly use in Soups, Simmered or Braised


Cooking Instructions:
1. Fried Fish Maw is soaked in water for 30 minutes until it soften
2. Squeeze out water from fish ma