Buddha Jump Over The Wall Ingredients:

Tam Kah Large Par Fins

10-Head Tam Kah Abalone

Medium Thick Fish Maw

Sea Cucumber

King Fish Maw

Japan Scallop

Conch Meat

Pork Sinew

Flower Mushroom

Kampong Chicken

Pork Shank

Korea Ginseng Slices

Chinese Yam/Salvia

Cordyceps Flower

Angelica Piece

King of Wolfberries

Chinese Jim Hua Ham

Premium Stock



Recommended Serving Size :

2 Pax


Cooking Instructions:

1. Thaw Buddha Jump Over the Wall for 2-3 hours

2. Heat up over small fire for 20 minutes or till content is hot

3. The delicious dish is ready to be served


Buddha Jump Over The Wall (2PAX)

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