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- Hot CNY Food is full and closed from now till 31.01.2022 (frozen available)

- Preorder is required min 3 days in advance or you may visit our retail store to purchase directly
Due to CNY Peak Period,  our 'order hot food menu' will be closed till 03.02.2022, customers may consider our CNY menu (Item 1A to 2i)

Sold Out Items

1A - 1C. 5/6PAX WA 8483 4842
1D. Buddha Jump Over The 6PAX
1E. Victorious Pot 
1H. Braised Shark's Fin Chick Bro
1K. Fortune Buddha Jump Over
1L. Abalone Cured Meat Glutino
2A. Two Treasures Meal Set A
2C. Two Treasures Meal - Set C
2D. Whatsapp 8483 4842
2E. Three Treasures Meal Set B
2F. Three Treasures Meal Set C
2G. Three Treasures Meal Set D
2H. Fortune Six Set 
​2i. Fortune Eight Set 
15A. Marinated Sp Iber Spare Ribs
15B. Marinated Sp Iber Char Siew

15C. Marinated Sp Whi Spare Rib
15D. Marinated Sp Whi Char Siew
15E. Dong Po Pork

15F. Pork Ribs King
15i. Braised Pork Trotter
15J. Sweet And Sour Pork

15K. Taro Pork
15M. Crispy Boneless Chic Wing
15O. Abalone Sauce Goose Web
15P. FM SC W Goose Web
15Q. FM SC & Mushroom W/ Chic Ft
16B. Yong Sea Cucumber
16F. Fried Salted Egg Prawn
16G. Prawn Paste Chicken
16H. Prawn Roll
16i. Salted Fried Chicken
16J. 500G sold out, 1KG available
16Q. Processed Fish Maw
16r. Herbal Drunken Fresh Prawn
17A. Stewed SC W/ Mushroom
17B. Stewed Tam Kah SC Mix
17C. Stewed Abal Sauce Thick SC
17D. Stewed Pork Trott, SC & Mushr
17E. Stewed SC W Duck Mushroom
17G. Fried Abal Cured Meat Glutin
17H. Seafood Abalone Eight Treasur
17i. Baby Abalone Seaf Pumpk Pot
17J. Claypot Budd Jump
17K. Fortune Buddha Jump
17L. Shark Fin Chic Bro W/ Seafood
17O. Crab Roe
18C. Scallop Shrimp Sauce
18i. Vegetarian Abalone Sauce
18J. Wild Honey Collagen Dessert
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